Solving Distinctions Between Boom Trucks And Mobile Cranes

Numerous equipment are used on construction sites to manage resources and make building construction easier. Boom trucks and mobile cranes, which are both used to lift and move heavy objects to higher altitudes, are examples of this equipment. Despite their many similarities, these kinds of equipment are clearly distinct pieces of machinery. Top mobile crane suppliers are aware of how critical it is to have the appropriate tools for the job. Because of this, skilled staff has offered some details about the distinctions between boom trucks and mobile cranes to assist you in choosing the best solution for your requirements. Get expert assistance with lorry crane operations in Singapore.

Mobile Cranes

To meet the needs of each project site, mobile cranes come in a range of designs, including crawler, all-terrain, folded boom, etc.

  • Every kind of crane has distinct qualities and capacities that make them perfect for specific tasks like handling heavy materials and challenging terrain.
  • No matter how it is configured, each unit uses a mix of chains and then hooks to securely rig and lift every load.
  • When lifting heavy items and equipment, mobile cranes are the ideal option.
  • They are typically large and more robust than boom trucks. Get expert assistance with lorry crane operations in Singapore.
  • Some mobile cranes include tracks instead of regular wheels for superior grip and handling on rough terrain, in addition to their strength and stability.

Boom Trucks

Commercial trucks with a hydraulic crane attached to their chassis are known as boom trucks whereas mobile cranes appear to be a unique blend of a huge vehicle and a crane.

  • This maximizes productivity by enabling personnel to load and unload supplies and machinery from the bed of their truck.
  • They are an excellent option for locations with limited space because they are nimble and typically smaller than mobile cranes.
  • Boom trucks can reach numerous locations or swiftly enter a single, vast site from various entrances since they can move at quicker speeds.
  • Many of them are insured and driven down the road.

Boom trucks are adaptable and effective. Although they frequently lack the outreach and lift height capabilities, power, and performance of mobile cranes with rough terrain.


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